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The Eden

Configure your eDen to suit you.

eDen comes as standard in a white finish. 

Your eDen can be customised with thousands of combinations. From the colour of the body, hood and seats all the way down to the colour of the seat belts and bonnet straps.

Standard specifications

Technical specifications

  • Brushless synchronous air-cooled motor with an average efficiency of close to 90%.
  • Performance equivalent to the historic 602cc engine.
  • Lithium LiFe PO4 batteries.
  • TÜV-approved roll bars and 3-point safety belts front and rear.
  • Electronic speedo and battery percentage gauge.
  • Original 4-speed mechanical gearbox.
  • Balanced mass distribution (50:50).
  • 4-seater vehicle.

Type: brushless synchronous sine/cosine.
Motor controller: Sevcon Gen 4.
Position: Front
Power: 15 kW net
Cooling: by air
Yield: close to 90%
Type: front-wheel drive

Total length: 3.57 m
Total width: 1.485 m
Total height: 1.490 m**
Total weight: 448 kg (excluding batteries)
Battery weight: 142 kg
Weight distribution: 50/50
Front tyres: Michelin 135 / 515 ZX
Back tyres: Michelin 135 / 515 ZX

Front brakes: disc; diameter 244 mm
Rear brake: drum
Front suspension: hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension: hydraulic shock absorber
Gearbox: original 4 speed mechanical gearbox (EASY Automatic box optional)

Platform: with electrophoretic deposition treatment, as per original model
Chassis: reinforced welded sheet metal with safety roll bars
Front seats: 2 (separate seats)
Rear seats: 2 (bench type)
Bodywork: ASA ABS with UV protection guarantee, as per original model

Fuel self-sufficiency: up to 130 km range
Maximum speed: 80kph
C02: 0 g per km